Dec 2nd

Today's story got me thinking a bit.... Today Blake opened Franklin's Christmas Gift by Paulette Bourgeois.  Franklin learns that it is better to give than recieve.  His class is doing a toy drive and in the beginning he thinks is toys are too special to give away.  Then his teacher thanks the rest of the class for the gifts and tells them that this maybe the only gift a child may get this holiday.  Franklin then goes home and looks at his gifts again and thinks they aren't special enough.  He gives away one of his most treasured items, his marble collection.

I don't think I've done enough with my sons on this aspect of Christmas yet.  Hmmm maybe I'll have to find a giving tree to have them help pick out a gift for another child.  Something to think about.

The boys finished their stockings this morning.  I'd take a picture to show, but well I don't have a functioning camera right now... lol

Something else that we do every day to enjoy the holidays.... listen to Christmas music.  The radio station that we listen to has all Christmas all day right now.  I love having Christmas carols playing in the background as we go through the day.

Do you have a favorite Christmas Carol?  I really like Oh Holy Night as a traditional carol and Canon in D (Christmas) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a modern carol


Yesterday I started a new blog.  The link to it is in my sidebar... please check it out and follow along!



  1. Wow so hard to choose a favorite christmas carol. I love all of Celine Dion's christmas cd. Especial Deck the Halls. It is a completely new song.

    Love the new look - Jacob believes in Santa too haha even though a few of his family members arent too thrilled about it

  2. That is my favorite Christmas carol too! I could listen to it over, and over, and over again.

  3. I love Christmas music too. Can't say I have a favorite but I know in HS I loved to sing Oh Holy Night. It was just so powerful when sang by 200 people.

  4. My fave traditional is Silent Night and more modern fave is Trans-Siberian Orch Carol of the Bells.
    I love, love, love Christmas music too.

  5. I so enjoy the Franklin books. He is adorable. I love the song Merry Christmas Baby a very fun song to sing.

  6. i love o holy night, too! when performed by michael crawford (the original phantom in phantom of the opera) is my favorite! but i love any christmas music. it just makes you feel so happy!


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