Dec 7th

Today's story was Here Come Santa Claus by Gene Autry illustrated by Bruce Whatley. I love stories that are actually songs with pictures. I think it helps children understand that songs are stories to music. The Santa's eyes in this book are a bit creepy to me, but the rest of the illustrations are beautiful.

Today we made reindeers by tracing the boys hands and feet. I posted a picture of the reindeers and stocking (and their Thanksgiving turkeys since they are still on the fridge too) on my other blog... pop over and check it out!

What fun Christmas projects have you done with your little ones? Photobucket


  1. That sounds like fun! I am planning on making some gingerbread houses with the boys next week!

  2. we are planning on the deer craft too- we have made some x-mas trees so far.


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