What's for dinner?

Meal time is always interesting at our house. Most days Richard isn't home by the time the boys are ready to eat dinner. So I have to either make two meals, or make one that I can serve at two time frames. What I do depends on what I've planned to have for dinner that night.

Here's the challenge... Blake eats meat, cheese (colby jack and provolone), bread, apples, hot dog, french fries, fish sticks, tuna and a few other things. Colby eats pasta, rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, apples, shredded cheese(mozzarella, cheddar and mexican mix, cereal, couscous and a few other things. Do you notice something.... they do NOT eat the same things! Also most of the things they eat don't go together.

We are working on getting Blake to try more things, but it is a major challenge. Blake will ask for specific items for lunch (he tries for dinner too, but dinner isn't optional usually). His latest requests have been grilled cheese and green apples. Colby doesn't like to eat the same thing over and over, but since he has a very limited menu it gets challenging to mix things up.

I always give the boys something that we are eating when we sit down as a family as well at at least 1 or 2 things that I know they will eat. When it is just the two of them I try to give them the same things, picking one that they each will eat and one that they they both will eat.

I never expected to have children who were such picky eaters. Then to have two picky eaters who go in two different directions.


  1. Oh the joys of being a Mama to little ones!

    Great blog you have here! I found you at Smiles and Trials!

  2. oy I understand it is a challenge. Ryan is out most days and misses lunch and supper. It is so difficult finding meal ideas for 2 let alone having to make them different for each person. Some of Jacob's favorites were PB jam sandwiches, sliced cucumbers, crackers, tomato soup, cheese slices, baby carrots, dill pickles. I also liked to have muffins ready. He loved mostly any kind i made.

  3. Good luck I have three that all eat different things. Dinner time is the biggest pain in the butt.

  4. So very frsutrating! Hope they overcome their pickiness QUICK!

  5. I have one picky eater and it's been a challenge. As he's gotten older, I have more power over making him try things and by doing that, we have expanded what he likes lots. But he is still stubborn and if he decides he doesn't like something there is no changing his mind. I pick my battles wisely.

    Good luck, and it will get better as they get older.

  6. Ugh! I'm running out of things to feed Kaelin, too! I feel like she eats the same thing often!

  7. Oh I feel your pain too! It seems that now that Allie is 4 1/2 she is finally willing to try new things without such a fuss! Thank goodness! Jack on the other hand is sucha picky eater and it changes from day to day. Somedays he loves homemade mac and cheese and others he won't even touch it! I think we keep Stoneyfield Yogurt in business *grin*!


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