Tasty Tuesday... sort of

This week I didn't create a new Tasty Tuesday Recipe.  But you can check out my past Tasty Tuesday dishes here.    Last week Richard was gone for the week, and I felt not feeling well so I didn't cook much at all.  This weekend we had pasta and burgers.  I love to make new dishes, but I also like to fall back on my "go to" dishes from time to time.  When I can't think of what to make I often go with chicken fajitas, tacos, or pasta.  When I'm heading to the store and don't know what to make we will often pick up burgers or ham steaks.  I also love the fact that most dinners I make have leftovers.  I do not like to eat the same thing multiple times in a week so we freeze the leftovers and pull them out when we need to fill in our menu.  In my opinion there is nothing better than a heat and eat meal during the week.

What is your go to meal?  Do you have meals that you find pop up in your menu more often than others? 

And... have you tried any of my Tasty Tuesday dishes yet?  If so which ones, and what did you think??


  1. My go to meals are NOT healthy by any means, haha I will just throw some fries in the oven and have some baked fish or ....fish sticks

  2. I think spaghetti and meat sauce is probably my go-to meal. I always have pasta and spaghetti sauce in my pantry and ground beef in my freezer.

    I made the glazed peanut butter bars that you posted not too long ago...they were a huge hit so I'll be making them again! YUM.

  3. pizza is usually our go to meal. there isn't much that is the same in our menu lately though.


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