Top 3 Thursday


The Unexperienced Mom's Top Three Thursday Question this week was interesting to me today.  So I decided to play along.

This week's question:  What are your Top 3 favorite things about being a parent?

1.  My favorite thing about being a parent is those hugs and kisses for no reason. I love seeing the unconditional love a child give their parents and a parent gives their child.  I love the fact that I have shown my sons this love and they in turn now show it to me.

2.  I love watching my sons grow and learn.  I love the fact that I can help them grow and learn to be productive members of society.  That I can help them grow into confident strong me. 

3. My 3rd reason is the fact that I feel like I've found a new me.  I think being a mother has been a completion of who I am.  As a teacher, I felt like I mothered a lot of the children in my classes, but couldn't be their real parent (for soooo many reasons).  Now as a mother I feel like I am that parent that I couldn't be for my students.  I feel like my sons are a huge part of me and help me feel like I'm the whole me.  



  1. Your #3 is really interesting! I can only imagine the amount of love you brought to your job, if you compare teaching your students to parenthood!!!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. I love your number three. I never thought of that one but I agree. Becoming a mom has definitely shaped my personality.

    I like your blog background, it's cute!

  3. Great answers. My top 2 would be the same as yours. I love your #3 answer. You must have been an amazing teacher! Also, it's great that motherhood has "completed" you!

  4. Great answers! My top two are the same as yours as well. I love the way my little guys love me! I also love seeing them learn and grow and experience the world!

  5. Those are great reasons. I can relate to them all.

  6. I am with you. This happens a lot since I was a former teacher as well. It does carry over to my life with my kids.

  7. #3 is delightful ... parenting does make one discover a new "you"! Great Top Three! Hope you stop by my place some time :-)

  8. I know what you mean about feeling like you mothered other kids. As a therapist dealing with teens, some of whom had absent parents, I sometimes felt I would take a similar role...helping them learn to navigate the world.

    But now that I am a mom myself, it really is an incredibly wonderful experience...even if some days are super frustrating! ;-)

    Thanks for playing our meme!



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