I have so many blog posts going on in my head. None of them are recipes. Sorry... I did make 2 new things this past week, but didn't think to photograph either of them. I made banana bread and pizza quesdillias, I got this recipe from 3 Little Monkeys, Jennifer is doing Tasty Tuesday now too.

These last few days, weeks... hell months have been tough around here.  Yes, I know you are tired of hearing about that... so I'm not posting about it today.  I woke up this morning in a funk and decided.... I'm done.  Enough is enough.  Time to pick my chin up off the ground and move on with life.  Things will be tough, but they will get better.  The boys and I will get over this bought of nasty illness and move on. 

After giving Blake his breathing treatment and sending him off to pre-school with Richard, I gave Colby his breathing treatment.  After that we turned off the tv and headed into the playroom.  I decided it was do what Colby wanted to do morning.  So we played trains, colored pictures, played with play dough, painted with water colors, listened to music, danced and had fun.  Yes, we both coughed a lot.  Yep I got to wipe his nose 100+ times, but he had fun.  We got out of our funk and just had fun together.

He is already laying down for his nap, he takes a morning nap instead of an afternoon one but this is early for him which works out fine for me.  I just hope he sleeps.

Both boys slept through the night last night, they only had one coughing bought and that was before 9:30pm so that was a good chunk of sleep for them.  I can only hope that it means the beginnning of the end.  We take Blake to the ENT this afternoon.  Hopefully this provides us with another level of hope.  They go back to their PCP on Friday to get check out for the cough and wheezing... and we can hope that will all be done with too.

Tomorrow I plan to have a fun relaxing day with both of them.  Maybe the backyard will have dried out enough to go play and let them splash in the pool.  Maybe we will paint or play playdough or who knows what.  But, I can tell you this... I need to step back from time to time and realize that it will all be ok.  That things happen and we just go on with life. 

Then I realize... I have a birthday party to plan for and all that fun stuff to do.  Can you believe that Colby is turning 2?



  1. So sorry to hear you are still feeling sick! Get better soon!

    Did you like the pizza quesadillas? I finally did it, I made a blog hop for Tasty Tuesday. You can link up one of your old recipe posts on my blog today!

  2. I hope that everyone is better soon. It is no fun when the kids keep getting sick. What theme are you doing for his party?

  3. We all get like that from time to time. Glad you are looking for the silver lining.


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