Last night I decided to go outside and weed our front flower bed after the boys went to sleep. I hate to weed. It seems like the more you do it the more there is to weed. Yes, I know if I did it on a regular basis I could keep on top of it, but that isn't always easy with kiddos. I don't like to have my sons out in the front of the house without one pair of eyes devoted just to them and since I only have one pair of eyes I can't do it during the day. We live in a neighborhood, but the road can get busy at times. Blake has learned the boundaries of the driveway/sidewalk, but Colby hasn't. And anyone who knows kids knows that it just takes some little thing catching their attention and off they go. Am I being overprotective of them... maybe, but you know what... I don't care.

So what does this mean, it means that I can't weed while the boys are awake. And why do you care about this?... you don't. It is just leading up to my real post.

While I was weeding I was thinking. Here I am pulling weeds... isn't it funny how I hate doing this, but won't stop? I keep going even though it is getting dark... and why you ask? Cause they are there? Because I keep moving the ending goal of where I'll stop? Cause I can sit there and think about everything and nothing? Or maybe just cause I hate to see them and want them gone?

Why?... it's such a hard question to so many scenarios of life. Why do we do what we do? Why don't we stop? When will we do something to make life easier? Can we do something that is proactive to prevent this from happening again? Is there an easier way to overcome/complete/begin this task?

Did I finish weeding... yeah... NO! Am I upset with this, no. I did as much as I could and probably a bit more. Could I have gone and got some form of illumination to help me keep going... sure, but I'm not that obsessive about things. So I made a dent in it. I started the process and sometimes it is just that start that gets the ball rolling... gets me motivated to get more done... to finish the task. Will I work on today? Not during the day, but if Richard has to work from home tonight I'll go back out after my little ones are sleeping and plug away again. I'll keep working on it until I get to the end of both beds... and then? Yep you guessed it... I'll have to start all over again.



  1. Its amazing how they seem to grow so much faster than the flowers.:) If you find a way to get rid of morning glory, let me know. Good job on getting rid of what you could.

  2. Sounds like laundry. They just keep coming back. Don't you love it when you are alone in your thoughts? They run wild. I do that all the time only I forget to post what I was thinking. LOL Or is that I can never remember?

  3. Weeds drive me nuts. They survive anything! That was a deep post....now you've got me thinking!

  4. Boy, that's the truth! But I can honestly say I haven't weeded in years...and it shows, lol!

  5. For you it's weeds. For me it is sooooo the laundry. The daunting task that seems to never end. Glad you got a good start.


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