I was just watching an episode of Backyardigans with the boys and it got me thinking. (Ok that sort of sounds sad on my behalf, but you'll see where I'm going with this and why... I hope) When I grew up, life was different... yes people say this all the time, times change and people adapt... such is life.

When I grew up we played outside. We knew our neighbors. We could hang out in different parts of the neighborhood as long as we gave our mom a head's up as to where we were going and who we were with. We knew that if things went wrong there would be our friends parents close by to help out. It wouldn't be uncommon to see kids ranging from 5-12 playing a game of street hockey or soccer in front of the house. It wouldn't be strange to see small groups of friends riding bikes, roller skating or playing basketball.

When I was a child we had Backyardigan type adventures. I remember playing town where someone was the mailman another ran a gas station and someone else was the cop directing traffic as we road our bikes around. I can remember playing school, house, climbing trees and pretending to hunt for wild animals. I can remember doing all of these fun imaginative things with my friends.

What is sad to me... my sons will probably never have that kind of freedom. They will probably never grow up in a neighborhood where enough parents are home during the day for the children to be out playing before bedtime even during the summer. They will probably never get to have these types of adventures.

I wish we could get that type of childhood back for the generations to come, but reality says those days are gone for good. I can only hope that they will soon develop a friendship base with children at school to have some adventures together as they grow.


  1. This is so true. That is one part of life where I wish we could turn back time. They will never know the freedom and "safety" that we felt as kids.

  2. Me too. It is just not the same anymore. It is a different world.

  3. I agree and think about it all the time! one problem we have is we have NO other kids in the neighborhood and it saddens me.

  4. I agree! I just asked my mom the other day if she would have a panic attack each time I went outside and rode my bike by myself. She said, no! She knew that there were neighbors around who would watch out for me, and she felt safe on our street.

    Today, there is no way in heck I would let my boys ride their bikes on our street...alone! And that makes me sad!

  5. I too share your past experiences and future dreams. That was how I grew up but I do not see that happening now. It truly is a shame.

  6. That's so true. When I was young I lived in a super small town and was allowed to ride my bike all over the place and go visit friends all day long, no questions asked, no phone calls needed, etc. That would never happen now.

  7. So sad because it is so true. It's from another era, the neighborhood kids all chumming together.

    Our kids are missing out for sure.

  8. I know exactly how you feel! My boys tend to have playdates with parents that we know and trust. There is no way I would let my kids go play with the kids in my neighborhood, which is kind of sad.


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