goals day 2

Today's goals:
--grocery shop
--stay positive with potty training
--make Colby's thank you card for his birthday
--do an abs workout

WhooHooo! I did manage to accomplish all my goals today. And, I ran around the house with the boys today too, to make up for yesterday's missed goal.


Tomorrow's goals:
--Drink 80 oz of water... I used to be really good at this. I can explain why I have 80 as the number if anyone cares
--Pick up Colby's thank you cards and address the envelopes to mail them off
--Take the boys outside to play at least once
--Call pest service to set up service date
--Clean cobwebs off the ceiling



  1. love the list idea! I should do that...
    give myself a to do list for the day... maybe I would get a bit more done if I wrote it down? ha ha!??? keeping it simple of course! ;)

  2. Super cute Thank you cards. Good for you getting your goals met. I love when I do that. I love when the list has all been checked off. Feels so good.


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