weekend update

The weekend was busy and fun. We finally had an illness free weekend, about time! Friday Richard worked late, but the boys and I had a good day. Saturday we got up and took the boys to get their hair cut. They both did really good and this cut should last the summer. Then we headed out to my parents to celebrate Colby's birthday and Father's day. It was the first time Blake and I saw my nephew Brady. Blake was a bit apprehensive at first, but once Brady was a bit happier he warmed up. The boys had a great time playing with Austin, my other nephew.

Sunday was Father's day. We decided to get up early and head out for a bike ride. We drove over to a trail that has two playgrounds near it. We rode for a little less than an hour and stopped to let the boys play on the playground and then rode back to the truck. Everyone was tired when we were done. Blake was excited to stop and pick up lunch on the way home.

We had some crazy thunderstorms the last few days. It is typical for central FL to get major storms every day, but these have seemed crazy big even to me. One good thing about these storms is since we get them so frequently the boys are not even phased by the thunder. Blake was fascinated by the lightning bolts we saw yesterday while we were driving home.

Today Richard and I got up early because he had to be at the airport. He is traveling today and tomorrow for business. I tried to convince him that he can't go for my sanity sake, but it didn't work. Blake has a follow up with the ENT today. We will see what he has to say about the tubes and what his opinion is of Blake's tonsils. I so hope all is ok and we don't have to put Blake through another surgery!

Hope you had a great weekend celebrating all things dad!



  1. I love weekends like that. Busy but oh so fun. Hope you get good news at the ENT doctor.

  2. Glad to hear that everyone was healthy this week. Hope that the ENT appointment goes well. WE had ours last week.

  3. It is always nice to have a healthy week with little ones!! =) I wish wish wish that the doctors had taken my tonsils out when I was young... I was "border line" so my mom left them in... and now... nothing but trouble!! ugh!! It is supposed to be more risky to take them out as an adult??? anyway... just saying... if he is borderline... =) Oh... I have a child with a birthday on Fathers Day weekend too!! every year! ha ha!


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