Just goals

Today's goals:
-- go to the Y and try the step class [check... OMG I was hot and tired after this one... and feeling very uncoordinated!]
-- vacuum the whole house [check]
-- pick Blake up from school [check]
-- make sandwiches for lunch [check... but that was supposed to be for dinner not lunch... lol]
-- go to soccer practice [check]
-- remember to pack other toys to keep Colby entertained at soccer [check and I also remembered my camera, snacks, drinks, balls, shin guards, and cleats!]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- speech at 8:45am
-- story time
-- practice soccer with Blake
-- teriyaki steak for dinner (o:


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  1. Way to go! Step classes are always challenging at first until you get the basic moves down. That's why I sometimes do it in my basement to a video so no one can see me mess up!

    P.S. Want to come vacuum my house next?


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