Today I had one of those days where I cleaned things that never get cleaned. I'm not talking about things that you clean weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. I'm talking about those things you never think of cleaning until you HAVE to clean them.

To give you two examples of things I cleaned today: I cleaned the filter on my vacuum cleaner. YUCK! I knew it needed to be done, but since I couldn't see the actual filter I didn't realize how BAD, how caked, how much stuff was coated on it. I swear it took me more than 5 minutes of just spraying it with water to get it even close to clean. Hmmm wonder if I should go vacuum the floor when it dries to see if it works better and how much I missed vacuuming the floor?

I also cleaned out under the stove. The bottom "drawer" of my stove is an oven so it doesn't come out. I don't used this oven drawer very often as well... I don't need the boys opening the drawer with a hot dish in there or even if it is just heated. Blake was on the floor yesterday and said there was a car under the stove. So today I got out the yardstick to get the car out from under the stove. Well there were 3 cars, a spoon, an apple slice, lots of dust, some pieces of cereal and all kinds of other yuck stuff.

Hmmmm wonder what other things I haven't cleaned in a long time that I should consider plugging away at? What item have you recently cleaned and said "I really should do this more often!"



  1. I cleaned out my cutlery drawer yesterday. It was nasty. And my fridge is going to get up and walk away on it's own pretty soon. It needs a thorough cleaning.

  2. I cleaned the fridge yesterday. I'm afraid to "swipe" under the stove. I think those dust bunnies might be alive!

  3. The top of my refrigerator gets SO dusty and yucky! I should also do my blinds more frequently.

    Luckily I cleaned most of those little corners and underneath spaces a little while ago when I lost my keys! The house got clean, but I never did find my keys.

  4. Oooh...I love finding dirt and getting rid of it!!:) Weird I know!
    Cleaning out our central vac. filter is always gratifying to me..top of the fridge too.
    Enjoy the day

  5. I did the same cleaning to my vacuum a couple weeks ago. It worked SO much better afterwards. It was pretty gross I'm sad to admit! I forget about the ceiling fans, I'm so bad at that one! It just slips my mind!

  6. I knew this woman that pulled her fridge and stove/oven out DAILY to clean under them!!!


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