Momma said there'd be days like this

Ever have one of those days, ummm weeks? That seems to be what life has been like here since we returned home from Thanksgiving. Richard had to work the Saturday after Thanksgiving (we got home on Friday). Sunday we tried to cram in all the things we usually do on the weekend oh and get the house decked for the holidays. The boys and I did put up a lot of the decorations on Saturday and the outside still isn't finished, but hey we are getting there.

Richard is in a super busy time with his job. Saturday he worked over 12 hours. Monday he had a doctors appointment and then worked from 11am until about 9pm. Tuesday... ummm Tuesday he didn't come home... he left work at 1:30am on Wednesday. He was back to work Wednesday morning and didn't get home until 11:30pm. Today... well he went to work for about 8:30, worked until 3:30 came home to have dinner with the boys (and I) then back to work around 6pm and might get home by 11pm tonight. Then still has to work a full day tomorrow.

This is tough on all of us. Richard is tired, working hard and not sleeping enough. He is frustrated with things at work, but he is also frustrated that there have been many days that other than talking to the boys on the phone he has had little to no contact with his sons.

Colby is being very grumpy. Little things are setting him off. He is crying over little things that he would normally not care about. Blake is having a hard time listening and following directions. He is pushing Colby's buttons and doing a lot of things that he knows drives Colby crazy. He even got in trouble at school because he wasn't listening to the teachers.

Me, well... I'm trying to hold it all together and keep everyone afloat. I have to step back at times and remind myself that a lot of this is just situational. That we haven't been able to get back into a normal routine. That we went from one situation where we are out of routine and schedule to being home with an upside-down family life. Then on top of that there is all the holiday excitement. There is just so much going on, but these are all reasons but never an excuse. Oh well... we get to buckle down and find a better understanding of how to reinforce the need for following directions, listening and being respectful. Lots of hugs, laughter and the understanding that this too shall pass... just in time for Daddy to leave for 10 days. Yep the joy continues.

Hmmm might be time to get out the mixing bowl and bake with my guys. That always makes me happy!



  1. Oh Lori, I am so sorry things are so stressful. I couldn't even begin to imagine Mike working that long and hard. I really hope things slow down soon for Richard and he gets to be home more. I know how frustrating this must be on everyone. Big hugs to you all!!!

  2. Breathe darlin!! don't forget to breathe! bake... laugh... enjoy... relax... eat chocolate!!! good chocolate! as much as you can! you are right.. hopefully it is a time that will pass... playing with your kids is more important than anything else! one day they will grow and be too old to play with you! Every year I scale back my expectations of myself for Christmas... and from everyone else too... we are not exchanging gifts with anyone this year... relief!! =) both time and money! and I am going to send an email with pictures for my "card" this year... maybe? =) again... time and money saved! its all about lovin ! I pray you find time to breathe and regroup yourself... and don't sweat the small stuff... do what you must and let the rest wait!

  3. You are an awesome wife and mom and this is just temporary. Things will slow down soon. Hang in there.


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