Is it so hard to walk?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know I go to the Y almost every day. This is not the first gym I've gone to, actually it's the 3rd since I moved here to FL.

One thing that always blows my mind about the gym and people going to the gym... there are often people who go to the gym and feel they need to fight for the front parking space. I've seen people drive around the parking lot, past open spaces to get a close space. At the Y I go to now, it is a store front so there is limited parallel parking in the front and lots of parking in the back. I often see people wait to get a front space, waste a good 5 minutes trying to parallel park and then walk in and run on a treadmill... ummm hello? Now I know some people who have to carry infant seats or have multiple little ones who do it, ok I can almost justify that. But really... if you are going to work out, going to do cardio, can't you walk an extra 100 steps to park in the back? In a lot of cases it would probably actually be faster.

Where oh where have my readers gone? In the last 4 days I've only had 3 comments... WHAT? Oh well. Endurance is part of blogging. Hope you have a fantastic Friday Eve!



  1. I agree with you to the fullest!

  2. I guess they figure they don't want to burn any "extra" calories! Some people ;)

  3. yeah that doesn't make much sense...and as for comments chances are i read but don't always comment! I really TRY to!

    and i thought it was funny when i pulled up in front of my gym and there were signs that said, parking for walking impaired...then i remember there are a few more businesses there than just the gym!

  4. That always makes me laugh... I only look for close up spots when it is pouring down rain and I have the kids with me... even then... I don't sweat it... if I am grocery shopping the cart return area is a great spot to park!! ha ha! but at the gym... that is too funny!!!

    PS I don't want to hear about your weather! LOL!! =)

  5. This is something I have thought of often actually, it cracks me up! Come on people, you're going to exercise!


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