Housework.... blah!

I just finished cleaning all three bathrooms. I have one load of laundry in the washer, one in the dryer and one waiting to go in. I also just put away the last load from yesterday. (Colby still has accidents daily so there is more laundry than normal, plus the boys went to the splash pad yesterday so there was wet bathing suits and towels to wash).

Well this got me thinking. I don't post about housework even though it takes up a good part of my day. There is the cooking, cleaning, cleaning up from cooking, cleaning up after the boys and so on and so forth. But, I never seem to blog about it. I guess in a lot of ways I don't think about it, I just do it. I guess there is also the everyone is in the same boat factor of housework. I mean most of my followers are women and a majority stay-at-home moms so you know what it means to feel like housework consumes your life, but you don't think about it... you just do it.

But, what is the one thing you hate to do? The one thing you put off each week as long as you can? I'm not talking about big things like steam cleaning carpets or washing windows. You know those things that probably should be done more frequently, but still don't need to be weekly. I'm talking about what is the weekly chore that you wish wasn't weekly?

For me it's mopping the tile floors. I really don't get it. It's not a hard chore. It doesn't take a long time to do... fill the sink, get the mop, move the chairs and mop away. Not hard... not time consuming... just not my favorite thing to do. Maybe because it seems like 5 minutes after it's dry something gets spilled on it? Maybe because the kitchen is the heart of the house and I don't want to say careful on the floors 100 times while it dries? Maybe it's just I don't like to mop?

The second one for me is cleaning our shower. That is because it is a double walk in shower and it takes FOREVER to clean, and I've yet to find something that cleans the glass to clear and it annoys the crap out of me that you clean it and it still doesn't look perfect... so I avoid it (o:

What is your house cleaning avoidance?



  1. bathrooms...or changing the bedding. both get neglected more than i should admit!

  2. OMG Lori...I feel the same way about our shower. When we moved into this house, we were so happy to have a double shower. Sure, the space is nice, but it's so hard to clean, it takes me forever and a day. And you're right, I can't get all of the glass clean, no matter what I do. I even took CLR and a toothbrush to it and it still isn't perfect. GRRRRRRRR!

  3. good post. i always abhor cleaning the shower also. don't know why, but i loathe it. we use a squee-gee. Okay how do you spell that? anyhow, our doors always look pretty good, its the scrubbing of the inside tile that gets me.

    you need a floor machine. we have a floor mate. its makes cleaning floors that much easier and your hands don't have to be in the dirty water. you just dump it out. we have tile and wood floors in our entire house, so this was a must have.

    happy cleaning.


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