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Over the last few years, if you can believe I've been blogging now for more than three and a half years, I've played back and forth on the direction I wanted my blog to go. I've had phases where it has been very much a day by day picture of my life. I've had others where there are a lot of photos and not much "talk". I've had times where I was involved in a lot of memes or other connections to people's blogs. I've been all over the map trying to find what I want with my blog.

I really enjoy doing Tasty Tuesday. I like trying out new recipes and sharing them with my readers. I've really enjoyed Project 365. I like the way it chronicles life in a very visual way, literally! But it's the rest that I've struggled with the last few months. My boys are getting older so there aren't as many "cute" stories to tell. Yes, there are still a lot, but often times I don't feel like telling them to the world.

I struggle with telling stories about milestones with my boys because in many ways they are above their peers. I do not want people to think I'm bragging over my boys. I don't want people to think I'm "puffing them up" to be more than they are. I don't want people to judge their own children based on what my sons can do. The fact is, Blake can read and does on a 2nd grade reading level. This is not typical for a 4.5 year old. Colby knows his letters, sounds, numbers, colors, shapes and can spell many names, again this is not typical for a young 3 year old (especially since he's been doing it for close to 6 months now). Now I'm not saying I won't share and tell stories about them. I just choose what to share and what not to share.

I've decided to go back to the original reason I created this blog. The reason it is named what it is names. To go back to sharing with people how being a kindergarten teacher influenced how I parent. I often say that I parent very differently than a lot of people. When I make statements, please do not take offense, it is not geared at anyone specific, just life in general.

I hope you enjoy reading posts about my life as a "Teacher Turned Mommy!" because it's "not as easy as it sounds".

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  1. Sounds good Lori! That's what's fun about having your own can do whatever you want :)


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