All of me, Some of me, None of me

As a mother, I find it hard to find balance to do all the things I need to do, be the best mother I can be and still be myself. Yes, somewhere in the day you have to find yourself... right?

A while ago I read a post about someone talking about making sure each day she had time where the kids had all of my attention, some of my attention and none of my attention. I've tried to incorporate this into our day too. With our new schedule it has seemed to fall into place even easier. There are times when I give the boys my undivided attention (story time, workbooks, walk, games, projects and meals), there are times when they get some of my attention, they are doing something and I'm doing something else, but they can interrupt me for anything they need - this when I clean, fold laundry etc... (playtime, puzzles/books, projects).

It's the none of me time that is still hard for them to understand. That there is times when I just need to shut off for a few minutes. I just need to not hear the fighting, not help them do every little thing. I try to do this while still being productive, such as making dinner. I do get this if I give them tv or computer time, which they usually get for 30 min to an hour each day. While they do that, I usually either use the computer or read my book.

Often as parents we feel like we have to give our children 100% of our time and energy. But, if you step back and think about it, when you take a few minutes to yourself a few minutes to re-group, it is then that you are a better parent. I find on the tough days that I need more time, even thought those are the days when it's hardest to find those few minutes to be yourself.

Take a few minutes each day for "none of me time" you may find that you are a better parent because of it. And it allows your children to see that everyone needs alone time. That they can do things without you. That they can help you be you, and in turn help them be happier.


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  1. I try to get "none of me" time, but I can't guarantee that I won't get interrupted. The only time that I can completely get that time, is when I'm alone, like today, when they are at my parent's :)


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