Busy times

It seems like there are no slow times around here ever anymore. I love having my Android just for the shear fact that I have my calendar with me at all times. Out of 31 days in October there are only 7 days that didn't have something on the calendar, and I know that will change before the month is over. November isn't looking any slower. I love keeping busy in a lot of ways because it means the boys and I are occupied.

This is what my mornings look like now:
Wake up
Take Dixie out
Feed Dixie breakfast
Wake up the boys
Get dressed myself
Finish making breakfasts (Richard usually starts this)
Start a load of laundry
Clean breakfast dishes
Clean kitchen
Say goodbye to Richard (which means walking both dogs too)
Finish getting the boys ready to leave
Pack waters and snacks for Colby and I
Give Abby a treat
Put Dixie in the bedroom and give her a treat
Load everyone into the car (at least Blake can do his own seat belt)
Take Blake to school (get both boys out of the car, sign him in, drop him off and then re-load Colby)
Drive to the Y
Get Colby out of the car seat again
Check in at the Y
Get Colby checked in at the Y
work out
check Colby out of the Y
walk back to the car and load in
Drive home
let Dixie out of the bedroom
swap laundry
let Dixie outside
get Colby situated either on pc or watching a movie
finally take a shower
then I can do a few things around before I have to:
pack Blake a snack
check to make sure Colby still has a snack
put Dixie back in the bedroom
make sure doors are locked
load into the car
drive to Blake's school
take Colby out of the car, check Blake out, go to his room and pick him up
load everyone back into the car
drive home
make lunch

hey look it's 12:15 finally, morning's done

Next year will probably be worse when I have the two boys going to two different schools.



  1. it's amazing how busy or accomplished you feel when you write it all out!

  2. I feel your pain Lori! It's the same thing here...and it's only going to worse as time goes on :(

  3. I know just what you mean! My mornings are jam-packed. By the time dinner is over I am exhausted for the day!

  4. Your mornings sound alot like mine. I think you might have me beat though. BUSY!


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