Let the countdowns begin... tomorrow

Wow November was a long month this year for some reason. I'm so ready for December to kick in full force. I'm excited that my boys are so into Christmas this year. Blake woke up the other day and asked to listen to Christmas music. I hear the boys singing along with the radio all the time now. We listen to a 24 hour Christmas music station. The house is decorated. And best of all I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.

I decided I wanted to get some of the more daunting tasks done before the end of November so that I could enjoy the holiday season with my sons. I managed to get my Christmas cards done, ok so I was short a few envelopes and haven't bought stamps yet, but still. I have the boys shopping done, we have a few things to pick up or wait for them to be shipped and then stocking stuff. I have a few more small projects for the grandparents to do, but nothing major.

Tomorrow starts our Christmas countdowns. We have 3 this year. Each day we will open one Christmas story to read together. We have a magnetic cookie tray that we will take one "cookie" off each day to countdown to Christmas. This year each of the boys also made a Santa that is hanging on their bedroom door. Each day they will add one cotton ball to it to fill in Santa's beard.

I hope you are enjoying getting ready for the holiday season. I know we are!



  1. We can't wait to start all our countdowns too.
    Can't believe it is already December 1st!
    have a happy day lori

  2. We are doing a Christmas book advent too! I wrapped the books today and can't wait to open them up and start reading!

  3. I LOVE the idea of opening one Christmas story each day until Christmas. I did something similar last year with my daughter, but because she was only 9 months old, it was really more for me. :) The other ideas are cute too!

  4. Wow... I haven't even started shopping yet! ;) busy busy! I pulled out my bins today though... its a start! ;) tree this weekend... and then start my shopping next monday I hope! yikes! we did the santa cotton ball thing once upon a time! ;) it was cute... kids loved it. and yes... books are wonderful!! all kinds! ;) my kids love loved Frog and Toad and Little Bear... but enjoyed a good Thomas story too... ;) back in the day.... now they are both big time readers!


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