At my hotel...

Many young children have imaginary friends. Not my boys! Oh no that is too basic for them. They both have imaginary hotels. Yep you read that right. I often hear them tell me, "At my hotel I have..."

Blake's hotel is 1 triangle A. Don't ask where the name came from, just know that it has stuck for months. Colby's hotel is yellow, and is located next to Blake's.

This morning Blake told me that at his hotel he has his collection of Traxxas trucks. This is the kind of rc truck that Richard just bought a few weeks ago. Blake really wants his own, but there is no way I'm shelling out that kind of money for him just yet.

Colby was telling me that at his new hotel they got a new kitchen table too, but they also got a new sink, chairs and beds. Then he said that Lightning McQueen was at his hotel and that's why we couldn't find it this morning at our house.

They both talk about the fact that they have tried foods, listened to music and done many other things at their hotels also.

I just have to laugh. I know it is often their way of dealing with not getting everything they want. It is their outlet. You'd think they lacked for toys or such, but trust me ... they don't. Toys R Us hasn't thrown up at our house, but we have plenty of toys for the boys to play with and not be bored.

Richard and I laugh and say we never need to buy them things because they already have it at their hotels. We also wonder where all the income is from these hotels because we don't see this money coming into our house.

Maybe one day the staff from their hotel will come clean the house, but for now I'll convince them to clean their rooms.



  1. LOL...that is too cute! Yes, I sure hope the cleaning staff at the hotel cleans your house one day ;)

  2. Too funny! Ryan is always talking about his "work". It's downtown and he works on computers like Daddy. He has a splash pad and a bounce house there. He also has 5 dogs and 3 cats. Maybe I should change!

  3. Your boys are so creative! I love it.

    Though my older son never has had imaginary friends, my second boy has had two named "Punker" and "Chunker". If you think their names are funny, you should hear about some of the things that they have done.


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