with tears... I say thank you

I know I haven't been around as much. Life is busy, and busy is good. But, this is not an update post. It is a post that pours out my heart....

If you follow my blog, you know that I was a kindergarten teacher and that I have a kindergartner. The tragedy of yesterday hurts. I stand here with tears streaming down my face after reading yet another article about yesterday. This was about the heroic teachers who put their lives on the line to protect their students.

So often, teachers are looked down on in society. It is often thought of as a profession that anyone can do. And why not, look at the salary they make? Why would anyone choose to make so little money? People think that teachers work from 9-3 and have off the summer, and therefore do not deserve the salary of an engineer, doctor or lawyer. But at the same time, school is the one place where you feel your child is safe. You send your child to school and feel that they will be safe and protected. That they will learn, grow and progress. That those in whom you trust your child will do what is best for each child in their care. Teachers do this and so much more. Many teachers work before and after school to provide your child with the best education they can. They spend their vacations taking courses and learning new techniques to teach. They spend their own money, of which they do not have a lot, to make sure your child has pencils, crayons, snacks and sometimes clothes.

No teacher every wants to think that something like this could ever happen in their classroom, but trust me when I say they would lay down their lives to protect your child. To protect all the children in their care. And I can also guarantee you that the teachers involved did not think twice about doing it and were more concerned about the children in their care than themselves. These men and women are also sons and daughters they are probably also mothers or fathers, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts. They will not see themselves as heroes, but will probably say they were just doing their jobs.

So today as you shed a tear for all those children who lost their lives, those who lost the innocence of childhood, lost their brother, sister, friends, classmates and neighbors... remember the teachers, administrators and the staff of the school who not only lost their lives put their lives on the line to protect. Teachers do not turn off their jobs, and these teachers will never be able to turn off this image.

An extra special thank you to your own child's teacher, would go a long way this holiday season.


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  1. A tragedy all around, but surely the hardest part is reading the stories of these wonderful people who were so heroic. You are absolutely right on all accounts and it's a great reminder to read this in honor of all teachers, especially the ones that lost their lives protecting the children of their community!


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