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Did you read my last post, Drink Upcharge for Milk?  I did contact McDonalds with this concern.  I'm not sure they actually answered my question/concern.  But, I'll let you be the judge...

Here is my post to them:

I recently stopped at a McDonalds in Cooper City FL.  My two sons (5 and 7) ordered Happy Meals.  My younger son got a cheeseburger Happy Meal with a white milk. My older son got a chicken nugget Mighty Meal with chocolate milk.

When I looked at the bill I was shocked to see a "drink upcharge".  We were charged an extra $0.40 for the white milk and an extra $0.39 for the chocolate milk.  When I looked at the menu it said the Happy Meal comes with the choice of milk, juice or soda.  No where does it mention an addition charge for milk on the menu.  False advertising?

I did not question management over paying $0.79 (we did not notice until we were nearly done with our meal).  I can certainly afford it, but there are lots of parents who could not afford that extra expense.  I find it sad that you try to show yourself as an establishment who understands the nutritional demands of parents, and yet you are now charging extra for the healthier drinks?   

I can tell you this, the next time I take the boys out for a quick bite... I will think twice about where I spend that extra $0.79, and the rest of the money that goes with it.

A copy of the receipt can be seen here:

Here is their reply:

Hello Lori:

Thank you for your comments regarding prices at your local McDonald's. We appreciate the opportunity to share some information with you.

Our registers are programmed to break apart the components of the value meals as a means to track inventory, as well as to provide our customer an accurate order. The combined receipt totals should be the advertised price on the menu board.

If you choose to upsize the drink or french fries in your order, the price will change based on the difference in price between the item included in the Happy Meal or Extra Value Meal. For example, an Extra Value Meal consists of a large sandwich, a medium size order of french fries and a 21 ounce soft drink. If you were to order a large drink, or a shake, the price will increase as these are not the components of the Value Meal. Our Happy Meals come standards with a small fountain drink and optional milk or juice. Pricing for the alternate options is determined by each individual location.

Hopefully this information has been helpful to you. We realize that you have many choices when making your dining-out decisions, and we truly appreciate your choosing McDonald's. We look forward to serving you again soon under the Golden Arches.
McDonald's Customer Response Center


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