Again... again... again

Read it again Mommy... ok he doesn't say that exactly, but he might as well! Blake has probably 20-25 books to choose from, but he certainly has his favorites.

As a teacher, I realize the importance of hearing a story over and over. Or doing almost any task over and over again. It solidifies the knowledge in your brain! But as a parent, after reading the same book for the 5th time in a row... I'm ready for a change!

When Blake decides its time to read with Mommy, he will bring me a book and either say "Book" or "Read" or "Read it". Then he sits down in my lap and we read the story. He lovessss to turn the pages and is pretty good about waiting for the pauses before trying to turn to the next page. He has also learned to turn the pages from right to left (a skill some kids in my kindergarten classes were still working on). [As a side note, when he reads by himself he often goes backwards still.] After we read the book, I close it and "scoot" it across the floor to he area that his basket is in. Then I say... ok get another book. There are times when he will go get another book, but more often than not he will bring me back the same book. And we repeat the process again.... and again... and again.

I love the fact that he loves to read. I just think it is funny that there are some books I can "read" even without looking at the pages. Oh well... all in the name of love (and education!).

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