You watch your child grow in so many ways, but it is interesting to see the connection between the various forms of growth. I look back to a year ago and think... Wow he's gotten so big! Wow he's learning so much! Wow his personality has developed and blossomed and you now are seeing who he will be as a person.

Some days I'm amazed at the new things he is doing. Whether it's opening the doors or climbing the stairs... you think look at the physical development he's made. But, at the same time look at the intellectual development it took to get there too. Just think about opening the door. He had to not only grow tall enough to reach the handle, but he also had to watch how it worked. He had to think about reaching up, pulling the handle down, and pushing the door at the same time. He also has learned what open and close mean. He knows how to close a door without shutting his fingers in it. It's amazing to me!

As a teacher you have to think about the connections that a child needs to make to learn the very simple and the very complex. They can not learn to write a word without knowing how to write a letter. They can not learn to write a sentence without learning to write a word. But, as parents do we really step back and think about what you teach your child now and how it effects the next step? I know I don't always. I just guide him to learn what I feel is next developmentally. Or, what he shows an interest in next. At the same time, it still amazes me the connections he makes without me even trying to help him make them!

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