I think he looks like you

Guess what... My son looks like me! I've heard it since the day he was born. I just think it's funny that whenever we go anywhere people feel the need to ask me if I know he looks a lot like me. Today Blake and I went to the grocery store, something we do every Friday, and we got stopped by yet another employee of the store who said... "Wow you won't question that he's your son. Do you know he looks a lot like you?" All I want to say is "Noooo way... thank you for point that out to me! I didn't know." But, being the good mommy I am, I just say... "Thank you."

The good thing I guess is Blake just looks at them and smiles away. Stranger anxiety... what's that? I don't think he'd go with anyone since he won't go near people without checking my husband or my facial expressions first. But, he will wave, smile and all out flirt with anyone he sees. Guess that's a good thing. Friendly children usually seem to be more well liked in school.


  1. Awesome! Love the blog and look forward to reading more.

    I have one too... though I was a bad mommy and didn't post a thing throughout... http://www.meetjaned.blogspot.com/

    Guess I'll do a MeetBabyD one and tell about his/her adventures.

    For the record, yes Blake has a lot of your features... but Daddy is there too.

    Great job. Keep us posted on Baby #2.

  2. My daughter is only 3 1/2 months old and I already get that she is spitting image of my husband! Everyone she meets feels the need to tell me this! I am still holding out for her to look like me! BTW I am also a K teacher- currently on maternity leave.

  3. OOOPS I forgot- mommy brain. I just started blogging too!


    I am also on the 2007 October Birthday Club on babyzone.


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