Try, try again

As a teacher your job is to teach children as many new skills as possible and show they how these skills will help them in future learning and life. As parents we do the same, just with different types of skills. As teachers, when a child learns a new skill you get excited because that means you can move on to harder skill and it will be easier because the child has background knowledge. As parents we get so excited when our children master skills for the first time and then we step back and say... WAIT! now my job just got harder!!!!

For the last few days Blake has been working on some new skills... climbing into and out of everything! He has learned to climb into his wagon, we are still working on getting out without doing a face plant. Tonight he figured out how to climb into his toy box... he can't even come close to climbing out of that. Now I can't have him out of my sight for a min or two until I know he has mastered safely getting out of the wagon and the toy box... so much for going the bathroom alone (Oh wait I haven't done that in over a year), so much for getting a drink of water.

He also figured out that part of our gate had velcro on it... he finally figured out how to get through that. Soooo I had to sew the gate's velcro closed. He did NOT like this at all! Wonder how long it will take before he starts pulling the thread out and I have to come up with some stronger way to keep the gate a gate??

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  1. I know what you mean! Sonia does not really try to get out of or into things; she is still in her crib and has not tried to climb out. We have tried to get her into a bed but to NO avail!!!
    Hope you are feeling well and keep me posted.


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