Lazy Mommy Look

When I was teaching, I was always dressed in casual yet appropriate attire (remember I taught kindergarten... I wasn't going to wear a suit). Even on the weekends, I always had on jeans and a nice shirt or shorts depending on the weather. Oh trust me many days after work, I came home and crawled into "comfy clothes" and stayed that way until bedtime, but for the most part I was dressed nice.

Yeah well... now that I'm a stay a home mom, and don't leave the house much... it is so easy to slip into my comfortable clothes and stay there. I mean come on who wouldn't like to spend there day in yoga pants and a t-shirt. Plus being pregnant it is so much more comfortable. Now, I do change into nicer clothes on the days I leave the house (beyond going for a walk), but 3 out of 7 days I'm in my comfortable clothes.

Most days I don't care... toss on something comfortable, throw my hair up in a pony tail and I'm set! Then I realize... I'm now a prime candidate for "What Not to Wear". I've turned into a slob. And you know what.... I don't care! My theory is I spend my day on the floor playing with Blake or cleaning the house. Why would I want to dress up?

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  1. I am working towards a spot on What Not to Wear myself!


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