I'm ok!

I'm still sort of shocked that this wasn't Blake's first phase! Blake began walking about 1 week before he turned 9 months. Everyone around us panicked when he would teeter and then fall. Richard and I are not the nervous type of parents, and we totally know when Blake it hurt. Since the beginning (actually since he was crawling) we would always say "You're ok, get up (keep going, whatever)". When others were around we'd look at Blake and say tell them... I'm ok!

I find it funny that he has been walking for over 5 months now and people still panic when he falls. For the most part he just looks at them and you can almost hear him say... "I'm ok!" We have found that when he's in a large crowd and they have that group gasp, he will panic a bit until we can pick him up and tell him "You're ok."

This is something that I really wanted to work on with my children. As a teacher, it often bothered me to see some of these children who were afraid to take chances because they might get hurt. Or if they did try something, even if they weren't really hurt they fell apart. I used to ask them.... "Are you bleeding? Is your ___ going to fall off?" Now, if they were really hurt I comforted them and did what needed to be done (same with Blake), but for the most part they were so used to getting major attention and sympathy over nothing that they expected it from everyone.

Well, my little guys will be taking those risks (trust me... Blake already does!). They will be able to pick themselves up, brush themselves off and start over again!

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    Anyway - just wanted to say - PLEASE KEEP WRITING. I'm having fun reading. (Almost feels like cheating... Shhh! Don't tell the teacher.) But it's a godsend to hear/read the stories...



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