Talking continued

I find it amazing watching Blake learn. For the most part he chooses to babble, but when he does talk, it always makes sense to the situation. And, now he is beginning to put some of his words together in phrases.

Often he will look at Richard and say "Hi Dadda". (yeah he almost never says momma unless he's really unhappy) The other day we were at Church and Blake had his snack container. He handed it to Richard to open. When Richard gave him a snack he looked at him and said "Tank ya Dadda" I almost fell over. We work on saying please and thank you all the time, but for him to just say it on his own was GREAT!

As a teacher, I worked hard on getting the children in my class to see the importance of using their manners. I'm always saying please and thank you around Blake. I feel it is an important thing for my children to grow up with proper manners. So when Blake said thank you to his dad... I could not have been any more proud!

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