Sometimes it's hard not to laugh

It is true when they say kids do the darnedest things! Yesterday Blake and I went to the grocery store, and one of the things we bought was a bag of dog food for Abby. I brought the groceries in while he explored the garage (lots of wheels to be found in the garage!). I had put the dog food on the floor near the pantry. It was still in the plastic grocery bag. Blake came in and immediately started fussing with the plastic bag. So, I walked over, took the bag off, and then went back to emptying the other bags.

I then hear him making "struggling/frustration" noises. So, I stop what I'm doing to see what he is doing. Blake was trying with all his might to pick up the bag of dog food. He would pick up one side and than stretch across to try to pick up the other. He was getting so frustrated because he could get one side up, but not both. I stood there for a bit and watched (he wasn't super frustrated so I figured hey let him figure out that the bag is too heavy!).

He managed to get it off the ground totally once for all of maybe 2 seconds and dropped it again. It was so hard not to sit there and laugh at him trying to pick up this heavy bag of dog food. He finally started pushing it around the kitchen floor.

When I finished putting away the refrigerator stuff I walked over the pantry. He then looked at the bag, looked at me and then smiled. I think all along he was trying to put the bag in the pantry himself. After I put it away, he was much happier! Guess he knew it didn't belong just sitting there on the floor.

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