When Mommy's not home...

As a teacher I dreaded being out of my classroom. Now, I almost always had a great substitute, but you never know what's going to happen when you are away. The same is true about leaving your child with a baby sitter... even if the baby sitter is your own mom.

My mom watches Blake whenever Richard and I have to do something away from Blake. Which has been a lot lately between football games in the fall and now my Dr. appointments. I trust my mom with everything... hey I trust her with my son.

But, yesterday was one of those days that all I could do was laugh and say I'm sorry! I had a Dr.'s appointment so my mom came over to watch Blake. No problem... he was asleep when I left. I told her what was for lunch and then I was on my way. Well... Blake decided to make life a bit more difficult than that!

When he woke up from his nap he needed to be changed, typical! Well because he is teething his poops are worse than normal. Blake is NOT the easiest child to change... ever since he learned to roll over diaper changes have be interesting to say the least. Yesterday he decided to roll everywhere... that meant poop got everywhere because he even managed to roll into the dirty diaper. Now what to do...

I know a bath. Well in the process of getting the stuff ready to give him a quick bath in the sink (I have a 60/40 sink so he still fits in the sink), Blake proceeded to pee on the kitchen floor. When it rains it pours... lol

Oh well... my mom was a champ about the whole thing and told the story to me laughing the whole time. Richard and I got a good chuckle out of it too. And, if you tell the story around Blake he has a good belly laugh over it.

All I can say is Thanks Mom... and hopefully the next time won't be so... umm messy!

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