While working with kindergarteners we talk about teeth because they are falling out. Some children find this a great thing and others are scare of the process.

Well let me tell you losing your teeth is NOTHING compared to having 8 teeth decide to start working their way through your gums all at the same time! My poor little guy is working on all 4 molars and all 4 eye teeth. Now, none of them have broken through the skin, a few are close, but not there yet. But let me tell you his poor gums are soooo swollen.

But with little ones, teething doesn't just effect the mouth... oh NOOOO it effects, the temperament, the sleep cycle, the "poop" factor, eating... you name it teething as effected it in one way or another.

One way Blake deals with teething is to chew in the sippy cups with water... all well and good except then he is wearing the 5-7 oz of water on his shirt! There are days where I've changed his shirt 3 and 4 times for the shear reason that it's soaked with water.

I look forward to the day that his teeth have all popped through... and dread the day when more than one is breaking the skin at the same time... I'm going to need a numbing agent that day instead of him!

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