I can do it!

As a teacher you try very hard to encourage each child to do things on his/her own. Independence and autonomy were goals I had for all the children in my class. I don't have to worry about Blake in that aspect!

As a mother of an infant you get so used to doing things for your child (they can't do much on their own at that stage). Let me tell you... my son lets me know he CAN do it on his own now! He may not be able to say "Blake do it" or something on those terms, but boy can he let you know he wants to do it on his own... and HIS WAY!

To give you an example... eating. Blake is learning to use a fork on his own and is very proud of this fact (even if it is frustrating to him at times). He will let you help him stab the foods, sometimes, but don't you dare try to take the fork out of his hand! If you try to hand him a piece of food 9 out of 10 times he will not take it from you. But, if you put that piece down on his tray he will pick it right up and eat it himself.

Two qualities that people always point out in Richard and I are independence and "stick-to-it-tivness" yeah well Blake already has both of these qualities. He wants to do it on his own and will not give up until he figures out a way to do it! Even if that means climbing in and out of the cupboards over and over and over again!

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  1. That is a great personality trait! I know as a teacher I always try to encourage my kids in the same way. I was always a little amazed that some kids just did not want to do things on their own- like try and learn to tie shoes, put on jackets, zip their pants etc. They were more than happy letting teachers or other students do these tasks for them. I think sometimes parents think it is easier (faster) to do these things for their kids- but IMO that does not teach autonomy.


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