Nap time

When I was teaching full day kindergarten I never liked nap time (and didn't have it if I didn't have to). As a teacher, I saw it as a waste of time... so much to do so little time to do it in.

As a Mommy, I look at nap time in a whole different light! I know 5 year olds and 13 month olds are very different ducks. Trust me I can not leave my 13 month old alone for any length of time where as 18 five year olds can work independently (after a few months) and I know no one is going to get seriously hurt.

I find it sad that one of the reasons I look forward to nap time right now is so I can get some housework done. You'd think I'd use it to watch tv, read a good book, take a nap, something enjoyable... nope morning nap time is used to do laundry, wash the floors, sweep, vacuum, dust, oh and take a shower! If I finish everything before Blake wakes up, then I get to surf the net. First I check my e-mails, then I check my message boards, then post on here, and if there is still time I can do other things too... wooo hoo! Right now I use his afternoon nap time to get dinner started and then catch some tv time.

I know that once baby #2 is here and Blake is older, then my time alone will get cut significantly. Oh well... I will enjoy nap time while I can take it... now if I could only squeeze in a nap of my own from time to time life would be even better!

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