Teething isn't fun (for anyone!)

You've heard the expression "When Mommy's not happy, no one is happy!" Let me tell you... when a toddler is teething.... NO ONE is happy. Blake recently had 1 molar and 2 eye teeth break through the gum line... finally. Of course, he is still working on the other 3 molars and 2 eye teeth. The last few nights have been a struggle for him. I swear his teeth must break through the gums at 3:30AM! Because that is his miserable time in the night. And if he is awake... I'm awake. Of course he falls right back to sleep eventually with a bit of help), but me on the other hand I'm usually awake and can't fall back to sleep for an hour or so.

I do sympathize with him. I can only imagine the pain of having so many teeth working in the gums all at the same time. And he can't do anything about it himself. But, why 3:30 am... why not 12:45 in the afternoon?

Oh well... it's part of the growing process.

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