Cleaning is fun?

When I was teaching, I always found it funny that children found cleaning (well some forms of cleaning) as a reward. I never had to ask twice to get someone to wash a table... and erasing the boards was like gold! Now cleaning up toys.... that was often a challenge.

I find with Blake it is the same way already. He gets so excited when I start the laundry. He wants to help put the clothes in and close the door. Then he goes and gets out the broom and/or mop and starts sweeping/moping the floor. I just have to laugh.

He wants very much to help out with most anything I do. When you open the fridge he is there to close it (often before you finish getting out what you need). He is great about moving his chair and any other chair that needs to be moved, or that he thinks needs to be moved.

He has even helped pick up his toys from time to time. Now if I could only get him to do it all the time... or even better... get him to empty his diaper pail! (o:

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