Bottle the energy

When I was a teacher I used to joke that I wanted to bottle the children's energy level and sell it. I knew I'd make a profit! It seems like children can go and go and go.

Well... let me tell you Blake is always on the move. He still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps close to 12 hours at night (yes I know I'm lucky), but when he's going... he's going. Yesterday he wanted to play outside so we went out on the porch. He was just running around having a great time. Then he decided he needed a change of scenery so we went out into the grass. Even better time had here... what's better than running in the grass? I know going out front to walk up and down the sidewalk. We were probably outside for at least 30 min just walking around.

We then went in and had a drink and a snack. Then what did he want to do... go outside again. This time we went out front through the garage to wait for Daddy to come home. We were probably outside for another 20+ min. So from 4:15-5:45 we were outside walking around for all but maybe 20 min of that.

Oh well, I get my exercise and he gets to run off some energy which then helps him sleep better!

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