Had to laugh today

As a teacher, one thing I tried to get the children in my class to realize is... reading is a great way to pass the time. When they finished their work early they were encourage to go to the books corner and read a book. In the beginning this was not something many liked to do, but as a few months went by they began to enjoy this time.

Blake has begun wanting to take books with him everywhere (on walks, in the car, outside etc...). He already has books in his bed that he reads before he falls asleep and often right after waking up too. Today we went to the grocery store. He found a book on the seat of the car while we were getting in, so he kept it with him while I drove.

I was driving along and began to hear him babble on, at first I was going to say something to him thinking he was talking to me. But, then I looked in the rear view mirror and realized he wasn't talking to me... he was reading to himself. I took a min to notice that he even stopped "reading" as he turned the page. This continued until we got to the store.

Richard and I are both avid readers and wanted very much to instill this in our children.... guess Blake is already on this path!

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  1. I am sure this made you a proud momma! I read Goodnight Gorilla to my LO last night. She was more interested in chewing the pages. She is fidgety and barely stays still when I rtead to her, but I keep trying and trying. I take a book with me everywhere I go and it always comes in handy.


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