Change of scenery

When I taught I was always making sure that the children had a change of pace, a chance to get up and go and do something different. I also made sure that we got outside to play for at least 15 min each day. I know that children need that release of energy and boost of energy at the same time. I guess Blake is the same way. He needs to go and see and do different things. If not... he is nottttt a happy camper!

Blake does not like to be cooped up in the house all day (can you blame him?). Yesterday I was not feeling well so we didn't go for our morning walk. Let me tell you... by 4pm I think one of us was going to climb the walls. He tries to climb the gates, open the slider, open the garage door... anything to get out of the areas he is allowed in. We finally went out onto the porch for a bit. But, he wasn't content until his Daddy came home.

Richard took him outside and let him roam around the house while I got dinner done. This helped a lot... new things to see, new things to explore... what more can a boy ask for? Then after dinner we went for a walk around the block.

Today we are back into routine. But, I plan on going into the backyard after lunch to make sure he gets his outside time today!

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