Got to love the laugh

Last night Blake was playing with his blocks (oh he was dumping them all over the place, but still). Richard sat down on the floor and began building with him. This got Blake very excited... ooohh my favorite game.... you build and I knock it down.

Every time Richard got 4 or 5 blocks stacked Blake would knock them down. So Richard began saying "Awwww". Well this sent Blake into hysterics! He was laughing so hard he had tears running down his cheeks and actually gave himself the hiccups.

You have to love those moments when you sit there and watch the learning process, and see their little brains working. And when they are laughing... can you help but laugh too??

Speaking of blocks and Blake... that was another one of those milestones that the doctor asked about... can he stack blocks. Ummmm I don't know he's never tried (as I stated above he'd rather knock them down). So today I sat down with him and hand over hand stacked a few (Blake HATESSSS it when you "help" him do something). So what does he do... picks up 2 at a time stacks the blocks 4 or 5 high, knocks it down and walks away. Turns and looks at me as if to say... happy now?


  1. I LOVE it when they laugh! It's just the most precious thing - and you're is so contagious! :)

  2. I love to see their learning process going on! Riley already loves to know blocks or stacked cups down. And then the laugh that follows! They do have sweet laughs, don't they?


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