Oh the fun....

As a kindergarten teacher I was always shocked at the children who came to school not knowing their colors, numbers, some letters, how to write and read their name etc... Often, when you mention to these parents that they may want to work on it at home they look at you like you are crazy... me work with my child... why? Then you get the kids who already know how to read. And the parents look at you like... so when are you going to teach my child to do a full research paper and write in cursive.

As a teacher, you always had to find the middle ground. Time to work with each child at the level that he/she is at and push them to the next level. Well.....

Do you ever notice that you are going on thinking things are swimmy and then you go to the doctors and they ask you the standard can your child do _____ questions and you think... well probably could if I knew they needed to do that!

I had that feeling at Blake's last doctors appointment with a few skills... one being feeding himself with a spoon. Now, he has been using a spoon for months on end, but I always put the food on the spoon. Plus, he prefers to use either his fingers or a fork if the food is something that can be picked up easily (not yogurt and things like that).

Well.... I decided to test out my theory that he could probably do it on his own if I let him... and yeppers he can... and I have pictures to prove it!


  1. That just made my day! That is the sweetest video. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. yay! Good work Blake! :) He's so cute eating his food! I remember when Tate started using the spoon...but now since he is eating more chunks of stuff, the fingers get used a little more than the spoon sometimes again! Oh well!

  3. That is the sweetest video! Thanks so much! And, hey, a new look! Very nice!

  4. Look mommy, I can do it!!! Yeah for me!!! What a DOLL!

    I hear you about what they are and aren't supposed to do. I know people tell you to read the books, check the web sites, talk to friends, but I get different info all the time!!!

    Looks like you are doing everything right! I was so excited when I watched J pick up his pacifier and put it in his mouth the right way. My kid is a genius!!! Hee hee . . .

  5. I do that stuff all the time. I read somewhere that my 2 yr. old should be able to do something and I have just never intentionally tried it. Of course I do then. It's funny how we check these things!


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