Quick update

Well.. this week is busy for us. I had a dr.'s appt today... everything is going well with our new little boy! Now if we could only find a name! Want to vote on our choices? Go to http://www.babyzone.com/babynames/bnpoll.asp?pollid=114794 and vote on your favorite!

Tomorrow Blake has a Dr's appt in the afternoon... more shots... YUCK! Hopefully the dr. will have an answer to his new rash. Sensitive skin on a toddler is no fun!

Thursday I have my big ultra sound! YAY!

I'll try to have a real post tomorrow. But, Blake is in the process of giving up his morning nap. The problem is he is still not used to having a longer afternoon nap soooo there are some days that we don't sleep enough! Makes the late afternoons VERYYYYY long.

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