When I taught kindergarten I was often shocked to see that at that stage there were some children who did NOT want to share. I had some things that each child has as his/her own (journals, cubbies, work folders etc..) but a lot they had to share. In the middle of each table was a work basket with supplies and of course they had to share all the toys in the room. But, there was still always one or two who decided this ___ is mine and no one else can use it... ummm NO!

Well, Blake has started to develop an understanding of sharing. We play with trucks a lot and share one truck and push it back and forth (or do the same with a ball). But in the last week or so, he has begun to go get one toy for him and one toy for me. He will also often try to share his snacks, drinks, whatever else with me too. It is nice to see that he is developing this skill on his own!

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