A sappy moment for me

During Blake's play times I let him decide what we are going to do together (within limits of course). His top picks are: play with cars, play peek-a-boo (he loves to hide and then pop out when you say "Where is Blake?"), play with his wagon on the porch, dump out his blocks, and read.

He is beginning to play more with higher level toys such as his shape sorters, coloring items (crayons, magadoodle, aquadoodle, etc...), and other things. He is also beginning to look at toys in different ways such as stacking the blocks, putting the balls in his cement mixer, making car noises and driving them not just playing with the wheels (although that is still a high priority when we take out a car).

Of course he is also looking at non-toys in different ways too... he now can climb up onto the kitchen chairs, climb up on the sub woofer and toy box (notice a theme of climbing here), take the chip clips off his crackers, and other things.

It's fun to watch him learn and think and do. It fascinates me that when he goes to do something that he knows I'm going to tell him to stop doing or not to do he now shakes his head while looking at me. It amazes me how quickly he learns something and then applies it to other things in his environment.

My little guy is growing up and I'm one of those lucky mommies who gets to be there every step of the way. For that I thank my husband for having a job that allows me to do it. For supporting me during the crazy times and understands he can't always have and do what he wants because we only have one income.

Well.... time to wake up my little guy to go play... no more sappy Lori for now (o:


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying being home....I wish that was something I could do. But, we play the cards we are dealt, right?

    Glad Blake is learning and growing!

  2. oh it really does sound like you have a fun little boy there. I just acn't wait for my little girl to start getting bigger and then I can play with her more :)

  3. I think that was so cute...I echo many of your sentiments...I don't think it was even sappy...just cute! :)

    And I totally agree with your profile statement...I am a SAHD of an 18 month old...and it is MUCH harder than ANY job I ever had :)

    The Egel Nest

    Glad I found your blog :)


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