When I taught kindergarten there was always music playing in my classroom. I had a lot of children's music that we used to sing and learn with, Jack Hartman and Dr Jean were two of my favorites. We sang songs throughout the day as transitions, to "kill time", to "get the wiggles out", and during those times I just needed 5 minutes to regroup my thoughts.

I also had music playing in the background while the children were working. I often played classical, Disney music, and other kid friendly songs. I did this for many different reasons one being to control the volume of the children. I used to tell them that they had to hear the music over their voices and if they got too loud I would turn the music lower!

With Blake I often have the radio on in the background while we are playing. I don't play a lot of "children's music" for him, I'm not sure why, but I just don't at this time. Probably because it's a lot easier just to turn the radio on!

Blake loves music and has since he was tiny. He has a lot of musical toys that he likes to play with and use. Yesterday he was playing with his "steering wheel car toy thing" (whatever you want to call it) and he spent more time playing the 2 songs on the radio of it than actually driving the car.

He then pulled out a few of his musical instruments and was banging, shaking and just having fun making his own music. He also pulled out his Leap Frog piano toy and was playing with that for a while too.

I hope his love for music continues as I do know that there is a correlation between music and learning, plus I'm a music lover myself!


  1. As a professional musician, I think it is WONDERFUL that you are incorporating music into his life.

    I also incorporate music into Sammy's daily routine...sometimes the radio...sometimes the lullaby CD that I released last year...sometimes just me playing guitar or piano and singing with him...

    So fun!

    The Egel Nest

  2. Music is a great thing. I probably should have had the kids listen to more. I'm sure he will only grow to love music even more!

  3. Music is wonderful! Kids sure do love it. Even my little 10 month old loves to bop around and music toys are his favorite!

  4. I is so good for kids! Tate loves music too...and I play the radio a lot for him as well. But I now have 3 kids CD's in the stereo and whenever there's nothing music-y on the radio we play those...and he loves them. :)


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