need for schedules

I know I talk about schedules and routines a lot... ok as teacher we realize these are important in helping a child know what is going on, provides consistency, and in general makes life easier. As a parent, I feel the same way... Blake know that after this we do this, then this then... etc. Now Blake has more of a routine in that there is a LOT more flexibility in what we do than I allowed in school. Yes I know he is 16 months and that plays a roll... plus there is only 1 not 18-20. But, I think it is more than that...

As a teacher I knew that I HAD to accomplish x, y and z in a given day, week, month, year... As a mom there is a lot more give in what you need to do. I find I'm a pretty laid back mom (I wasn't an overly stressed kindergarten teacher, but the was still a lot of pressure there, that I obviously don't have here at home). I think I've learned that Blake will learn, grow and do on his own time frame. We do have some set things like nap and bedtime. Meals are typically around the same time every day too. But, if he wants to go outside, we go outside. If he wants to sit and read books we do that. Hey he even sometimes decides when to take a nap and of course when to wake up.

I want him to grow up with a predictable routine, but I also want him to be able to make decisions on his own. I know that he is very independent already (no shock to anyone who knows Richard or I in real life). I know that he can be very strong willed. But, he is a very loving child... so I need to foster the best in him.

Now when child number 2 comes along, things maybe totally different... we will see SOON!


  1. little kids are always unpredictable! somedays i need the schedule more than he does!

  2. I get that completely. My daughter "gets away with" things I would never allow in my classroom. It's different when there is only one. You know one swerve will not bring about an entire revolt from 20.

    I see you stopped by my site to see my new little one. Good luck with yours to come. I am finding the second one is not as scary as I thought it would be.

  3. I need the schedule....but so do kids. I think a flexible routine is good. It doesn't have to be completely set times, just a general pattern. Playtime is play...inside or out is fine. You are doing great with it and it will make life go along well when number two comes!


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