New skills

As a kindergarten teacher I used to joke that the first two weeks of school I taught the kids to sit, stand and clean up. I was known for having saying that I used OVER and OVER and OVER again with my class. (consistency is a big thing with 5 year olds) Well with cleaning I used to say "Everything has a place, everything in it's place". When asked what this meant I would remind them that if they put things away where they found them thennnn when they went to use it the next time they would be able to find it (simple isn't it?).

Well for the first 16 months of Blake's life Richard and I were the ones where were putting everything in it's place. I felt that cleaning up was the next step after learning to play. Yes, I had/have every intention of getting him to clean up his own toys and be responsible, but I figured it was "the next step". Well, I guess Blake has decided to take that next step (sort of!).

The last few days he has been going out of his way to help clean up when I pick up his toys, andddd he often does it on his own too. Now let me tell you that means out of 20 legos he will put away maybe 2, but hey it is a start!! He loves to put things in other things so as long as the item is going inside something else there is a chance he will put it away.

I was over joyed at this... I thought this was a skill I'd have to start really working on with him when he was closer to 2, but if he wants to start cleaning up after himself I say whooo hooo!


  1. I did substitue teaching for a semester for some second graders and I think I would also add in ...
    teach them not too...take clothes off, keep shoes on, stop chewing pencils, and keeping NASTY things in their desks!
    Oh the joys of children....OTHER peoples children :) But I really did love teaching :)

  2. That sounds great to me! If he is willing to help- even with only 2 legos- then go for it. Never do for a child what they can do for themselves....good teacher and GREAT mommy! Way to go!

  3. That's awesome! Hopefully he'll perfect that.

  4. Good job Mommy. And as a former 1st grade teacher, I sooooo get it. :)

  5. That's awesome! We started teaching Tate to clean up his toys probably around 16 months...and it only took about a week before he caught on and he helped us clean up EVERY night after that. He still he's even better at it because he's learned exactly where everything goes - and he actually thinks cleaning up is fun!'s great! :)

  6. Oh wow, color me jealous...My kiddos have no interest in cleaning. I need to try harder:)

  7. Any chance he could swing up north and have a chat with my 6 year old about cleaning up?



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