longggg month

As a kindergarten teacher, I realized that there were times when well time stood still! When I taught in MA it was always March that seemed like a longggg month to me. Jan. wasn't bad because we were coming off the winter break and the kiddos always seemed to have "grown up" over that break. Feb. and April we had week long vacations so that broke things up a bit, but March was a long month!

Here in FL we came back from a 2 week winter break in Jan and then didn't have a vacation until March (this year they don't have it until April). For some reason this made Feb. seem like the longgggg month.

Last year, as a new mommy there was always something new going on, some new skill or something. (at this time last year Blake was having some minor medical issues too which took up extra time). So, I didn't feel like there was a month that seemed to drag on and on.

This year... man is March over yet? Yes, I know a lot of that has to do with the fact that Richard was hurt and home and that took a LOT of time and energy... I swear it felt like a month not a week. I have my next Dr.'s appointment on Thursday it seems like it was 3 months ago that I went the last time, not 5 weeks (I had to postpone my appointment because it was originally scheduled for the day of Richard's surgery).

I know it is a me thing. It has nothing to do with Blake... he is progressing through life doing what he needs to do (even if that means waking up at 4:35am... don't ask!). Oh well... next year ok well in 2 months, I'll have my hands full with 2 and time will fly again.

now can someone make it April already? no never mind that would mean I'd need to have more ready for the new baby... ok can someone make it Feb again? (just let's skip the broken collarbone this time around!)


  1. March is FLYING for me! I remember it was the worst month in school but I can't beleive we are almost through it!!!

  2. March is the WORST because it's long, there are usually no holidays in it (this year's Easter an exception), and it's cold. And you want it to be warm! But it isn't! ARGH!

  3. I'm with you, this month is dragging on and on and on...

  4. March is flying for me too! In like a lion...out like a lamb. Love the new look!

  5. March is dragging for me but then this whole damn winter has been dragging - come on spring!

  6. I hear you. I am dragging because spring needs to come NOW... I have had more than enough winter.

    Now in FL, I think if I was you, I would find the nearest beach and hang....


  7. Oh I hear! There is always that time of year the just never ends.

    Your new header is AWESOME!!

  8. all the months seem to fly ever since avery was born!


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