updated blog stuff

Sorry for the other 2 posts, but I decided I wanted a cleaner look... I'm getting there. When I started this I thought... ok I pick a format and just type. Yeah well when you are on here at least once a day if not more the plain formats get well... dull! So, I've been working on revamping things to be a bit more "Lori-ish". Me I like things to be clean and neat, but at the same time have everything that you want accessible well accessible. I want you the reader to still be able to access my polls, see my Blake avatar type flippy thing (yeppers that is a technical term), I want to be able to put on cute holiday things, I want you to be able to access my archive (if you so desire), I guess read the all about me and see my pic too (not sure why)... oh yeah and to be able to access my blog roll.

Wow that is a lot to fit on one page... oh and the posts too. Then there's my tickers (did you notice my holiday countdown tickers at the bottom?... of course not they are at the bottom, but I don't know where else to put them)

oh well... knowing me this page will always be a work in progress


  1. Oh the pressure...!

    I'll have to check the bottom of your blog now.

  2. I have been blogging for over a year and I have had no less then 5 different looks in that time. And that does not include the little changes to color or font or something. It is always a work in progress. Hope you can get it the way you want it.

    Just a tip since I think you are planning on linking your awards and blogroll so it will be in your sidebar as a line of text and not the whole thing.....back date your post. Change the date for those two so that it is maybe the first two posts. That makes it MUCH easier to find when you want to update and add an award or site. Just a suggestion to maybe save you time in the future.

  3. thanks Pam... those looking for the updates mentioned they are now linked under 1/1/08


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