Next step toward being a "big boy"

It's funny how the little milestones mean so much sometimes. You forget how a little thing like where you sit can mean so much to someone so little!

My mom got Blake a booster seat for the table. He was so proud to be able to sit closer to the table and eat right at the table (not on a tray).

He then found a new use for his old space saver high chair!


  1. What a sweet little guy! Congrats on the booster seat! What a big boy!!

  2. Yay! We just got a booster seat I think we'll put Tate in there pretty soon. :) I love his usage of the old high chair!

  3. Oh, what a little big man!!! I had J practice sitting in his booster seat on the living room floor. I just can't fathom him in it full time. He barely fits in his high chair!

  4. Cute! Eliza has the same space saver chair and loves to sit in it and play.


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